Being the General Manager at the McGrath Lexus, I have delivered superior results that honored McGrath Lexus as the No. 1 Lexus Dealership in the Chicago Metro Area. We pay heed to employees’ needs, ensuring they deliver their best. We begin by anticipating problems and then resolving them to derive great results. My team includes industry professionals and collaborative people with finest communication skills.

I believe leadership and management style plays a prominent role in success of a dealership. These traits have helped us in acquiring a massive base of loyal and high paying customers. They refer us to their friends and family members.

Seamless Sales Processing

I have designed sales processes that offer higher customers’ satisfaction. There was a time when the DQI scores went low, thus we monitored the delivery process and listened to the customers. We discovered that we required fresh programs for better delivery process. We found some areas of improvement. The sales associate now has to provide relevant paperwork to delivery specialist before a customer arrives for delivery.

It ensures that a delivery specialist is well prepared at the time of customers’ arrival. Moreover, a sales associate and delivery specialist will make use of an appointment book to schedule new deliveries and repeated customers. Eventually, the porter, delivery specialist, and sales associate will walk around to ensure that a vehicle is ready for a customer.

We continuously monitor our customers’ feedback for the ongoing developments. We pay heed to busy peak times and put in our time and efforts into that specific period. Our findings showed that we required a definite plan of action, keeping the customers engaged until they see a delivery specialist. For this, our delivery specialist created a brochure for delivery overview that breaks down the items in a specific delivery, focusing on the particular items that are hard to remember for customers. These features include destination, app suite, safety connect, remote along with Enform Subscription details.

The sales associates provide every customer with a pamphlet before a delivery, making sure that a customer has an idea of the covered features while staying occupied during waiting. Our delivery specialist trains all sales associates on the essential steps to initiate a delivery. This process has proven to be very effective in improving the DQI scores and helped us in ranking at top in the United States. All other implemented DQI processes have led to lifetime loyal customers. All revised and new delivery processes were placed into effect, ensuring accountability of the staff including delivery specialists, sales associates, and more employees.

Customer Success

To achieve higher customer satisfaction, we monitor, capture, and analyze buyers’ feedback, improving on the processes effectively. We came across a case when customers’ promise time was affected, lowering down the score for “Respect for Time”. Then, we included a process to identify root cause. This process is called “Service Waiter Customer Interaction Process”. In this process, one of the Guest Services Team Members discovers dispatch information and is provided with a list of customers including their names (waiters), advisor name, time of arrival, and promised delivery time.

When a customer is waiting for their vehicle’s service, a guest service team member will keep an eye on the customer’s wait time by viewing the customer interaction log that was designed to identify a problem. Guest service is meant to engage with all the waiting customers, providing them with refreshment and ensuring a great experience at our dealership.

Our prime objective remains to ensure superior service standards, ensuring timely delivery always. In an event of a problem, a delay can be addressed immediately along with a loaner or shuttle service. In addition, we offer diagnostic services. Our diagnostic specialists are trained to immediately identify vibration, noise, harshness, and more faults. Moreover, many of the problems are fixed with ease on spot.

Employee Success

I believe employees are the best assets of a company. To ensure superior employee satisfaction, I focus on following:

  • Sincerity, empathy, accountability for every employee
  • Value human connection more than any thing
  • Establish, nurture, and develop personal rapport
  • Pay heed to ethics of hard work
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Utilize the provided resources effectively

A Message

“My desire is to avail an opportunity to operate my personal store. I am grateful to Lexus of St. Louis and Westmont Lexus for providing me with great training and remarkable working experience. My dream is to run one of the biggest dealership franchise in the US.”